Not on Your Keyboard ✂ ♫ ☠

You are desperately trying to finish something important, and you have to include an unusual character that’s not on your keyboard. You know like a ¿ or a ©.

What do you do?

Well, now there’s Not on Your Keyboard. What, you say, is Not on Your Keyboard? lists characters that aren’t on your keyboard and copies them to your clipboard with just one click. It lists popular and useful Unicode characters. It’s in no way an exhaustive list of Unicode characters, but features some the most common and useful special characters that are not easily found on keyboards.

Ed Everett its creator explains why he made the site:

I got fed up with googling for dull, ugly, nerdy character tables haven’t been near a designer for 15 years and that force you to copy and paste. When I need to find a character that isn’t on my keyboard I wanted something that didn’t make me want to rip my eyes out with late-nineties table design nostalgia. I also just wanted it to be easy to use with one-click copying.

So, if you’re looking for a ♺ or a ☠ or even a Æ, you now know where to go.


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